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Water Heaters


Water Heater

Central Valley Electric Cooperative has the answer. CVE members can buy Marathon Water Heaters for 60% off the co-ops price. These water heaters have a lifetime tank warranty! Marathon's renowned durability eliminates the cost of buying and the cost of re-installing a new water heater every 10 years (national average). This coupled with energy savings and a 60% discount from the co-op makes owning a Marathon lower than a typical water heater.

Marathon's come in a range of sizes, and CVE keeps 30, 40, and 50 gallon water heaters in stock. Due to changes in water heater regulations, CVE has a limited inventory of larger capacity water heaters. These larger capacity (75, 85, and 105-gallon) water heaters can no longer be ordered. Please call for size availability. 

For more information and pricing please call 575-746-3571 or e-mail

Click HERE to view a brochure and to see the dimensions* of Marathon Water Heaters.

*Note: Because of the premium insulation in Marathon water heaters, they are slightly wider than most water heaters. CVE recommends you measure the water heater space and check water heater dimensions before purchasing.

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