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Renewable Energy

Buy Renewable EnergyWind turbines

You can now purchase electricity generated from renewable resources, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass. Renewable energy can be purchased in 100-kilowatt hour (kWh) blocks for $2.25, or you can elect to have 100 percent of your electricity come from renewable sources for $0.0225 per kWh. These renewable energy purchases are considered to be at a “premium,” meaning the block rate charged is in addition to what you are charged for your monthly electric usage.

If you are interested in purchasing renewable energy, please contact CVE at (575) 746-3571.

Photovoltaic Pumping

Members can qualify for our photovoltaic water pumping systems for livestock and other small needs if the well is at least one half mile from exisitng single or three phase lines.  If you are interested in the Photovoltaic Pumping rate, please give us a call.

Solar panelsRenewable Energy Interconnection

Members who install and interconnect a generator, such as solar or wind, help the environment and CVE rates by reducing demand on the CVE system. The following documents are the interconnection rules that were adopted by the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission (PRC):



State Rules




CVE MEMBERS: It is recommended that CVE members have a pre-application discussion with us for any potential interconnection. Please contact a CVE Member Services Representative  at 575-746-3571 if you have any questions, or would like additional information.



Interconnection Process


  • Facilities less than 10 kW (Must submit a Simplified Interconnection Application)


  • Facilities greater than 10 kW and less than 10 MW (Must submit a Standard Interconnection Application)


CVE members please contact a CVE Member Services Representative at 575-746-3571 to obtain either the Simplified or the Standard Interconnection Applications



General Requirements

The following items highlight the general elements of the interconnection process. Please refer to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission rules and the Interconnection Manual for the detailed requirements needed to submit a complete interconnection application.

  1. With each application the customer shall include a simple one-line diagram and site diagram of the proposed system.

    • The one-line diagram shall identify all major equipment including the utility-lockable generation disconnect device and the point of interconnection.
    • The site diagram shall show the physical location of the equipment in relation to the property and location of equipment on the exterior wall
  2. CVE recommends that the customer waits to begin construction until the application is approved.  After construction is complete, CVE will send the customer two standard  Interconnection Agreement forms.  Return the signed originals to CVE and schedule an inspection.  CVE will inspect the interconnection to verify, as a minimum, that:

    • the facility has been constructed as it is represented in the application and in the Interconnection Agreement
    • the anti-islanding protection of the inverter is operational
    • a weatherproof copy of the one-line diagram has been installed at the point of interconnection
  3. After the inspection, CVE will sign the Interconnection Agreement and the customer can begin parallel operation.



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