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Billing Cycles

Bills are sent out twice a month. Some members will receive more than one bill a month, depending on where your accounts are located in our service area.

Billing Cycle 1

  • Mailed on the fifteenth (15) of every month.
  • Payment is due in the Central Valley Electric office no later than the fifth (5) of every month.
  • Accounts that are east of the Pecos River in Artesia, both north and south sides of Highway 82 (from Riverside to the Lea County line) are in billing cycle 1.

Billing Cycle 2

  • Mailed on the last working day of every month.
  • Payment is due in the Central Valley Electric office no later than the twentieth (20) of every month.
  • Accounts not included in billing cycle one are in billing cycle 2

Estimated Bills

An attempt will be made to read your meter on approximately the same date every month. If we are unable to obtain a reading due to weather conditions, access to your property has been blocked, then your monthly usage will be estimated based upon the previous usage and time of year historical pattern. This estimate will correct itself the following month when an accurate reading is obtained. You will only be charged for kilo-watt hours (kWh) you actually used.

Letters of Credit

Our members often request a Letter of Credit and we are pleased to provide one. However, our members should remember your bill must be paid within twenty days from the date it was mailed or it cannot be classified as a current payment. Most utilities in evaluating whether a security deposit will be required consider the number of non-current payments during the most current twelve-month period, payments returned for insufficient funds and any discontinuance of service due to non-payment. An inadequate payment history in any of these categories will in most cases be reason enough to require a security deposit.

Payment Options

Your bill may be paid by check, cash, money order, or credit card (residential accounts only). You can pay your bill by using the self-addressed return envelope, come inside our office, use the drive-thru window or night deposit box, or online. To save time, checks and postage fees, sign up to have your bills paid through automatic electronic transfers from your checking account. The transfer of funds will occur on the date the bill was mailed. Your billing statement will be mailed to your address giving you notification of the amount transferred from your account as well as the details of your individual billings. 


CVE will not take any payment over the phone.

For all returned checks and wire transfers due to insufficient funds, a charge of $35.00 plus tax will be charged to your account. In the case of excessive insufficient fund transactions, the Cooperative may require that you pay with cash, cashiers check or money order.

Budget Billing Option

For members preferring not to be surprised by fluctuations in their monthly bills the Budget Billing Plan has been made available under the following criteria. If you are currently receiving service and have been for at least a year, and your payment history has been satisfactory. Your monthly payment will be based upon your average usage during the previous year; you will make eleven (11) payments for that amount; and the twelfth payment must be in an amount large enough to bring your account to a zero balance. Your monthly billing statement will help you keep track of the status of your payments versus billing.

Disconnection Policy

Residential Members

Bills are due twenty (20) calendar days from the date stated on the bill. Billings become delinquent at the end of the twenty day period and you are mailed a "Disconnect Notice" which states the amount that must be paid and the "Final Due Date" before service is disconnected. This "Disconnect Notice" will include a booklet containing "Customer Rights and Responsibilities," please read it carefully. In the case of residential accounts our service personnel will make an attempt to contact you. If unable to do so, they will leave a door hanger stating the date service will be disconnected. Once an account has been disconnected for nonpayment all charges for billing and fees for disconnect and reconnect must be paid in full before service is restored. If warranted you may also be required to post a security deposit before restoration of service. We are here to serve our Members, not disconnect their electric service. Please give us a call if you need to make arrangements to pay your bill.

If you have a disputed bill or need additional time in which to pay your bill be sure and contact our office personnel between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please do not call after office hours, on weekends or holidays. An attempt will be made to resolve the situation to everyone's satisfaction.


Commercial & Industrial Member (all non-residential accounts)

Payment of the amount shown on each bill is due no later than twenty (20) days following the billing date, at which time the bill will be considered delinquent. Bills that are considered delinquent and not paid within two (2) of the date a disconnect notice is hand delivered or within four (4) day of the date a disconnect notice is mailed, excluding Sundays and observed holidays, the account(s) will be subject to disconnection

If service is disconnected the member must pay the full bill, plus any applicable fees and may be required to pay a deposit before service is reconnected. Again, this is for all non-residential accounts.


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